June 24, 2020

CAPGI Business Case Worksheets

These spreadsheets illustrate how a stakeholder organization — any one which attaches value to the SDOH intervention under consideration — may compute the financial value to it of the intervention, and how that value expressed as a confidential bid to the Trusted Broker will be converted into a price by the Trusted Broker, and then how the organization can compute expected ROI from that bid. We have found these to be very useful when discussing the financial dimenstions of the intervention with individual stakeholders, typically one at a time.

These Business Case Worksheets differ from the very useful ROI calculator that the Commonwealth Fund has created, in that ours takes stakeholder organizations through their individual business case and shows them how a CAPGI bid and price will be derived from it, whereas the Commonwealth Fund’s ROI calculator is more focused on how individual organizations, including CBOs, can compute what a particular intervention is worth to them.