June 13, 2019

New To CAPGI after 10/1/2019?

How to Catch Up and Continue the Process

Listen to Archived Webinars found below on this web page

If you are just learning about CAPGI is it not too late to start your community coalition on a journey toward collaborative financing of upstream, public good-like investments in social determinants of health. We recommend you listen to the webinars and slides archived below and contact us directly with your thoughts about them through [email protected]. Each webinar has about 45 minutes of presentation content and roughly the same amount of recorded Q&A. You may also want to check out our FORUM section for relevant threads.

We are now engaged in conversations with all who submitted a Community Coalition Checklist. You may find it useful to take a look at that and fill it out for your community coalition or working group. In the November 2019 – March 2020 time frame we will be conducting site visits to a small number of communities who are farthest along on this journey, and we will continue to explore ways to support others in virtual and other ways in the months and years ahead. WELCOME!